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Samsara Ksana 轮回 刹那

Immersion videos 4'19 '' 2021

A pictorial poem about humans, worlds, creatures and loops, composed of five vocal rhythms

Evento Horizo 穹界

Videos 9'44 '' 2021

Explore the meaning of windows in human, social and spiritual life from multiple perspectives


Videos 4'23 '' 2020

Stroking the grass makes us feel the vibration of the cell phone, fiddling with the hair is like rolling a dice, the empty elevator opens but there are countless birds singing

God 神

Stop motion animation 4'24 '' 2018 

The unreasonable God destroys the world and recreates it again.


Video Installation/Performance 2018, 5min loop

After all, we are overwhelmed by countless information, and personal will does not exist.

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