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Out of the room

Installation 2022, iPhone 7, alarms every 5 minutes (several short sentences)

Based on the iPhone wake-up note that rings every five minutes throughout the day

The bell was implanted in the mind of the audience, representing an impulse. Along with this sound, some words will appear.

'You have to go' 'Time passes'  'You feel anxious'  'Switch it off' 'stop' 'Something are happening'  'What are you thinking 'Do you understand' 'leave here' . . .  . . .

This scary and devilish alarm clock is what controls our lives. It is also the anxiety, confusion, pain and sadness that continually appear in our minds. It implies that there is something approaching in our lives outside of this room.

Viewers can choose to disable or delay alarms. But eventually, the alarm will sound.

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