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Light installation, Building materials, Stones, Steel pipes, LED light tubes, plants, size variable

The "mountain" is made up of three different parts, from dirt to construction waste to steel pipes and fluorescent lamps.

These different materials symbolise the evolution of our society, from the agricultural age to the industrial revolution and finally to the electronic age in which we now live. I wanted to describe the reconstruction process of an era in a new way, using materials with different properties to preserve the memory of our city, our history and our territory.


They are a universal "ready-made" that permeates our lives and our times. The process of forming any cultural landscape is not only inseparable from natural factors, but must also reflect ideas and human behaviour, as well as the evolution of human knowledge and concepts.

By building this work in a stacked form, I wanted to give new meaning to memory and to our society. On the other hand, they also symbolise the structure of human society "our civilisation, our politics is built on some foundations."

At the same time,  it also allows us to reflect on the relationship between the urban territory and the natural environment.

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