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Fragmented Fragment
Installazione 2017-Today. Iron, barbed wire, 6000 post-it notes. 210cm * 240cm * 240cm




王靖云 成都东软学院 装置 《片段的片段》2016年细节_edited.jpg

Everything on offer will achieve a sense of ambiguity and continuity over the distance of time.
I just wanted to realise that feeling, the "Alienation"

I have set a rule that everyone who passes by the installation needs to leave a message about what they are thinking at the moment.

After two weeks, I wrapped it in the wire.

王靖云 成都东软学院 装置 《片段的片段》 第二阶段2_edited.jpg

So for the choice of materials, I used sticky notes and wire which are easily damaged.
A few years have passed and all that was left behind is now fuzzy and rusty. Next, I hope to plant climbing vine seeds on it. Waiting for nature and time to change it.

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